IM/CC Employee Roster Instructions

General Information

(updated on January 26, 2017)

  1. Update roster at  Login and Add employees, supervisors, or edit information for those persons.   To remove anyone, you must request that by sending an email to the RMS administrator, .  (See ‘updating quarterly employee roster’ section below for more detail.
  2. Each full time staff person who works on two or more programs and directly with clients should be included in the IM/CC roster. Program categories include, but are not limited to, FoodShare Wisconsin, Medical Assistance, BadgerCare Plus, Child Care, WHEAP (energy assistance program), FoodShare Employment and Training, Refugee, Family Care, Workforce Investment Act, Relief Block Grant, etc
  3. Supervisors are not to be included on the IM/CC roster, unless they carry at least a 50% caseload. Also, directors and agency management that benefit the entire agency would not be included on the roster since their salary costs are included in the Agency Management Support and Overhead (AMSO) cost pool that is spread across the functional areas based on employee counts
  4. Part time staff that work on two or more programs and directly with clients in the IM/CC functional area should be included on the IM/CC roster. If two part time staff are job sharing, include the two individuals as one entry on the roster. In this situation, the “position” would be included on the roster since the position is a full time position
  5. If you have staff who work directly with clients in both the IM/CC and the social services functional areas, these staff should be included on the IM/CC roster only and excluded from the social services roster. The IM/CC RMS has been designed to collect effort related to social services
  6. Receptionists and clerical staff are not typically included on the roster of employees to be sampled. However, salaries and related costs associated with these positions are included in the IM/CC cost pool (or the AMSO cost pool for agency-wide services) and are allocated based on the RMS statistics related to the direct workers that were sampled
  7. DCF is collecting actual work hours of staff instead of selecting a work schedule that best fits the employee. For each staff person listed on the roster, be sure to include their actual work hours. For flex schedules, do your best to give us an accurate representation of a typical work schedule. It is understood that some staff do not work the same schedule each week so the sample sizes have been increased to ensure that sufficient valid responses are collected.
  8. Although the RMS lunch schedule is from 12:00-1:00 and we do not sample during this time, staff DO NOT need to adjust their normal schedule to account for this
  9. The DWD/Wisconsin Logon ID is required to uniquely identify each person on the roster
  10.  If you have a staff person who is out for an extended period of time, i.e., approved leave such as maternity or medical leave, and they are still on the payroll, you should leave those persons on the RMS roster.  Samples will created for them but supervisors can close the samples out as they are created.  Or they can ‘reply all’ to the RMS sample email and provide information regarding when the person will be returning and if they are on unpaid or paid leave.  No personal information needs to be provided but pay status is required because the activity code for the sample will differ slightly.   If you do not have a known return date, then samples should be closed out as they are created.
  11. If you have questions whether certain staff should be included, please call Angie Gaster at (800) 845-7603 or 608-422-6372 to discuss.

Updating Quarterly Employee Rosters

Counties are required to ‘certify’ their IM/CC rosters every quarter.  To keep rosters as current as possible and to comply with the certification, 3 roster update emails are sent to supervisors every qtr. 
The first email is sent out at the end of the 1st month of the qtr.  It is simply a request asking liaisons to review their rosters and to make any updates as necessary. There is no requirement to respond to that email and the roster cannot be ‘certified at that time.

The second email is sent out at end of the 2nd month of the qtr.  This email creates a ‘green certification button’ in RMS.  Liaisons are required to complete a thorough review and complete updates of the persons and the profiles for that person.  They should add persons and requests removals at that time.

A third email is sent out in the middle of the 3rd month of the quarter to all liaisons for any roster not yet certified at the time of the third email creation.

All rosters must be certified before the RMS administrator can create new samples for the next qtr.  

  • Update rosters at  Login and add employees, supervisors, or edit information for those persons.   Review of each employee and supervisor can be done by clicking on the ‘edit’ button by that person’s name or by exporting to excel by click on that blue button.   To remove anyone, you must request that by sending an email to 
  • Do not include vacant positions that meet criteria for inclusion on the employee roster if the position will not be filled during the first month of the next sample quarter
  • Even if a roster has been certified for the quarter, changes to profiles should be made as they occur so that samples are created with the most current information.
  • Employees should also continue to be added, if they will be working on program related activities within the first 30 days of the next quarter (if not, do not add them until after the 1st of the next quarter).
  • Removal of employees should continue to be requested so samples are not created for them for the quarter that they will not be working.