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Provider Permanence Based Measures (PBM) Dashboard Archive

Permanence Based Measures (PBM) is a method of tracking outcomes for out-of-home care agencies licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. The reporting period for each dashboard is the previous calendar year, plus an extra 3 month period. This allows for complete sustainability data.

The facility types are Child Placing Agency (CPA), Group Home (GH), Residential Care Center for Children and Youth (RCC). 

PBM Sustainability Outcomes Summary Data are available beginning in calendar year 2014.

The PBM data table defaults to an numeric sort (earliest to latest) of the Year column. Click on either the Year or Facility Type column heading to sort.  A small blue arrow will appear to the right of the column heading indicating the sort. A second click on the heading will reverse the sort order. The Outcomes Data Summaries are NOT sortable.

Year Facility Dashboard Permanency Outcomes Data Summary Sustainability  Outcomes Data Summary
2016 CPA Permanencey Sustainability
2016 GH Permanencey Sustainability
2016 RCC Permanencey Sustainability
2015 CPA Permanency Sustainability
2015 GH Permanency Sustainability
2015 RCC Permanency Sustainability
2014 CPA Permanency Sustainability
2014 GH Permanency Sustainability
2014 RCC Permanency Sustainability