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Provider Performance Based Measures (PBM) Dashboard Series

Performance Based Measures (PBM) is a method of tracking outcomes for out-of-home care agencies licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. PBM will improve outcomes for children by:

  • Increased data transparency, allowing Wisconsin public purchasers to see agency outcomes
  • Allows out-of-home care agencies to see their outcome data
  • Gives a graphical data view of the children in their care allowing the agencies to provide a more tailored service to fit their needs

The Dashboards

There is a separate performance based measures dashboard for each type of agency. The data is placement information from the Electronic Wisconsin Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (eWiSACWIS) system. Each of the dashboards for the provider category provides:

  • Placement outcome ratings with child counts
  • Median Length of Stay
  • Levels of Care totals

Child Placing Agency (CPA) Dashboard
Group Home (GH) Dashboard
Residential Care Center (RCC) Dashboard

Provider PBM Dashboard Archive provides a list of previous PBM dashboards and supporting documents sortable by year or facility type.

The Dashboard Measures

The reporting period for each dashboard is the previous calendar year, plus an extra 3 month period.  This allows for complete sustainability data. During the reporting period, each Wisconsin public purchaser placement will be tracked and sorted into one of the following outcomes:

Optimal - Child has reached legal permanency through reunification, adoption or guardianship.

Very Favorable - Child has moved to a family placement with a relative caregiver, including a trial reunification.

Favorable - Child has moved to a less restrictive

Unfavorable - Child has moved to a placement that is of the same type as previous placement; however is a different physical placement provider, or the child has aged out of care for discharge reason.

Very Unfavorable - Child has moved to a placement that is more restrictive from previous provider type.

Poor - Child is missing from out of home care, has moved to placement in a hospital, detention, corrections or has discharged from care as missing from out-of-home care or to corrections.

The dashboards display the following information:

  • the number of placements during the reporting period

  • median length of stay with each provider during the reporting period

  • the percentage of children who sustained favorable types of outcomes for a period of at least 3 months

  • the average initial Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) results for children placed with the provider.

The CANS information will be provided at the domain level and the indicator level.

The addition of CANS results with the performance data is of particular importance. It provides a more complete picture of the needs of children who were in the care of each provider during the reporting period. The agency’s CANS information will not be displayed if there are 3 or less placements in the reporting period. This is to ensure confidentiality of the children in that particular placement.

The data includes only out-of-home care placements documented in the eWiSACWIS system made through a Wisconsin public purchaser. Data not included in the dashboards are:

  • Placements made by other states

  • Juvenile Justice placements through Milwaukee County

  • The Department of Corrections (DOC)

  • Assessment or stabilization placements



Contact Information: DCFCWLRateReg@wisconsin.gov