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Understanding Your Authorization Notice

A Parent’s Guide to Reading the Quarterly Child Care Authorized Subsidy Notice

Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy is issued to parents on MyWIChildCare EBT Cards. Every three months, you will receive a notice telling you about your upcoming child care authorizations. You may get a new notice if you make changes to your authorization(s). A notice may also be sent when your authorization ends.

Download and read the Understanding Your Authorization Notice brochure.

Each child’s subsidy amount is specific to the provider named in that child’s section of the authorization notice and cannot be used to pay any other provider.

All subsidy funds will be on the same card, regardless of how many children you have or providers you use. Information about each of your children’s subsidy amount will be included on the same quarterly notice.

Your child’s name, date of birth, and FIS Child ID are listed on your quarterly notice, as well as details about that child’s authorization. See below for details about the headings in the authorization notice.


Expired Funds

All funds, including inclement weather hours, are subject to a 90-day removal policy. The payment system works on a last in-first out cycle. Learn more about expired funds by reading Parent Tips, and click on "Why Did Child Care Funds Drop Off My Card?"










FIS Child ID: This ID is used to identify your child in the EBT payment system. It is used along with the FIS Provider ID to make payments to your child care provider.

FIS is short for Fidelity National Information Services. They provide MyWIChildCare EBT card services to the Department of Children and Families.

Month: Each quarterly notice will show three months of authorized care. Wisconsin Shares subsidy is generally loaded on your MyWIChildCare card on the first of each month. The subsidy amount for each month is shown in the last column.

Provider Name
Provider/Location Num: This column lists your child care provider’s name and their provider/location number. The provider/location number is issued by the Wisconsin Shares program and identifies them as a provider who may be paid using Wisconsin Shares subsidy.

FIS Provider ID: This ID is used to identify the provider in the EBT payment system. It is used along with the FIS Child ID to make a payment for your child care.   

Monthly Auth Effective Periods: This shows the dates within each corresponding month that you have authorized child care. It may be the entire month, or it could be two or more periods of time. For example, if your school-age child has spring break in March and you do not need child care for that week, your Monthly Auth Effective Period for March might look like this:
03/01/2017 – 03/17/2017
03/27/2017 – 03/31/2017

Monthly Auth Hrs: The number of authorized hours during the corresponding month. This number is determined by the overlap of parents’ approved activity and the child care need.

Monthly WI Shares Subsidy Amount: The amount of money loaded on your MyWIChildCare EBT card on the first of the corresponding month. You will be responsible for paying your provider any amount not covered by the Wisconsin Shares subsidy. This is called the parent share. 


Your quarterly notice will also show you for what months you have child care authorizations:


Derek’s family has not asked for Wisconsin Shares subsidy in the months of April, August, or September.


Inclement Weather Hours

If you have a school-age child, your quarterly notice will show which months need additional child care when school is closed. Parents who need child care when school is closed will receive 10 hours each month for unexpected inclement weather during the months of November, December, January, February, and March.


Scheduled School Closures

You may also need child care on days when school is scheduled to be closed. In the example below, Derek’s family has requested 10 hours of child care for the Friday after Thanksgiving, when school is closed but his parents will have to work.