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Approved Entry-Level Training for Licensed Child Care Workers


The non-credit courses approved by the Department of Children and Families for meeting entry-level training for child care workers changed recently (see Entry-Level Non-Credit Courses for Licensed Child Care Centers - English / Hmong / Spanish).  The courses are now competency-based and each agency offering a course must ensure that students can demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter before a completion certificate is issued. In addition to the changes in curriculum, the names of the courses have been changed. These courses will meet the requirements under DCF 251 (Licensing Rules for Group Day Care Centers) and DCF 250 (Licensing Rules for Family Day Care Centers). The new names for the courses are: 

  • Introduction to the Child Care Profession (replaced Early Childhood 1)
  • Skills and Strategies for the Child Care Teacher (replaced Early Childhood 2)
  • Fundamentals of Infant and Toddler Care (replaced Infant/Toddler)

Two courses, one entitled Fundamentals of Family Child Care, and the other entitled Introduction to the Child Care Profession, are now needed to meet the requirements for a licensed family child care provider. Previously, one course entitled Family Day Care was needed to meet the requirement.

All agencies approved to offer Department approved entry-level courses, including technical colleges, began using the new names for courses beginning September 1, 2003. Courses completed (or started) prior to September 1, 2003, will continue to be accepted as meeting the entry-level training requirement.

Please contact your licensing specialist if you have any questions.