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Department of Children and Families’ public benefit programs will continue during the partial federal government shutdown. Read the full announcement here.


REPL, Financial Interface and VPN Client


Replication (REPL)

The eWiSACWIS Replicator is a Java application that will replicate, or copy the counties eWiSACWIS data from a master Oracle database to a local county Oracle Lite database.

Financial Interface

This interface is a two-way interface between the county financial system and eWiSACWIS. The purpose of this interface is to send a file from eWiSACWIS to the county so checks can be printed and sent out using the county’s current financial system. The county will send back a file with check numbers, as an update to the eWiSACWIS database. Currently, all counties are in the process of developing a financial interface with eWiSACWIS.

VPN Software


Windows 8 and below

(please note that the Replication software will not work on a 64-bit OS).

If you are upgrading from an earlier VPN client version, you will need to fully uninstall the original client software.  Instructions on how to uninstall the software completely can be found in the uninstall instructions.