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Fees Charged to Either Parent or Shared by Both Parents

Fees for Reviewing & Modifying an Order

Most courts charge a $30 filing fee for hearings to review or change an order.

  • Some courts do not charge a filing fee.
  • The fee is charged to the parent who asks for the review/change.
  • No fee is charged if the parent or guardian receives cash benefits from the W-2, SSI Caretaker Supplement, or Kinship Care programs.

Child Support Agencies do not charge a fee for reviewing the order and taking steps to change an order. Find out more about requesting a review through your child support agency.

Intergovernmental Fees

Some states charge a fee for enforcement activities in their state. If the other state does charge a fee, it takes the fee out of the support collection before sending it to Wisconsin.

  • These fees vary depending on the state rules.
  • Some states charge fees to the parent who gets support.
  • Some states charge fees to the parent who pays support.

Genetic Testing Fees

There is a fee charged when parents request genetic testing.

  • Child Support Agencies offer genetic testing at reduced cost.
  • The cost of testing varies. The maximum fee is $60 for each person tested when done at a child support agency. Tests are completed on the man, woman, and child.
  • No fee is charged to a man when the test shows he is not the father.

Find out more about genetic testing done at the child support agency.