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Wisconsin Shares Child Care Policy and Process Handbook






Six-Week Notice Template



Child Care Program Name

Child Care Program Address

City, ST ZIP


RE: Name of Child Care Program – Warning of Child Care Program Not Meeting Percentage of

Qualifying Children


Dear Child Care Program:


Your Child Care Program has been identified as a program that does not meet Wisconsin Statutes Section 49.155 (3m)(e)1 of the Wisconsin Statutes because at least 60 percent of children cared for are not “qualifying children” as defined in the law.


According to Wisconsin s.49.155(3), the Name of County, Name of Department is responsible for administering the Wisconsin Share Child Care Subsidy program.


In order to receive the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy funds, the program must serve at least 60 percent of children who meet the following definition of “qualifying children”:

He or she is not a child of an employee of the child care provider.

He or she does not reside with an employee of the child care provider.


If you contend that your program does serve at least 60 percent qualifying children, please contact the Department directly. You must present current enrollment documentation to the Department that clearly demonstrates that you serve at least 60 percent qualifying children. If you do not serve at least 60 percent qualifying children, you have six weeks from the date of this notice to raise the percentage of qualifying children for which care is provided to meet the 60 percent minimum requirement. If the 60 percent requirement is not met by the end of the six-week period beginning on the date of letter receipt, payments to your program will be discontinued for services provided for children who are not qualifying children.


Four weeks from the date of this letter, the Department will review your records to determine if you are still in violation of statute. If at that time, you are still serving less than 60 percent qualifying children, you and the employee parents of the children you serve will receive a notice stating that all Wisconsin Shares authorizations of employee’s children are ending in two weeks.


Any false documentation of employee records, including work hours, or children’s attendance will be turned over to law enforcement and is cause for suspension from the Wisconsin Shares program. Additionally, false or inaccurate documentation may result in sanctions against your child care license, including revocation of your license by the Department.


To provide documentation or find out more information, please contact Worker Name at Phone Number.





Worker Name



This section last updated 03/15/2017