Wisconsin Department of Children and Families - Division of Early Care and Education

Wisconsin Shares Child Care Policy and Process Handbook






AE Administrative or Agency Error
AG Assistance Group
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
BECR Bureau of Early Care Regulation
BELP Bureau of Early Learning and Policy
BPI Bureau of Program Integrity
BRITS Benefit Recovery Investigation Tracking System
BRO Bureau of Regional Operations
BV Benefit Recovery
BVCC Case Comments screen in BV
BVCI Claims for an individual screen in BV
BVCL Overpayment Claim screen in BV
BVCO Claims for Child Care Providers screen in Benefit Recovery
BVIR Investigation/verification referral screen in BV (Read Only)
BVIT Investigation/verification Tracking and Findings screen in BV (Read Only)
BVPA Client Repayment Agreement screen in BV
BVPI Post Outcome Information for Investigation screen in BV (Read Only)
BVPP Child Care Provider Repayment Agreement in Benefit Recovery
CARES Client Assistance for Re-employment and Economic Support
CC Child Care
CCAP Consolidated Court Automation Programs
CCR&Rs Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies
CE Client Error
CRES Central Recoveries Enhanced System
CSAW Child Care Statewide Administration on the Web
CWW CARES Worker Web
DCF Department of Children and Families
DECE Division of Early Care and Education
DXQW Data Exchange Query
DHA Division of Hearing and Appeals
DOR Department of Revenue
EBT Electronic Benefit Transfer
ECF Electronic Case File
EOS Enterprise Output Solution
EVF-E Employment Verification form of Earnings
FEV Front End Verification
FIP Federal Improper Payment
FIS Fidelity Information Services
FPL Federal Poverty Level
IPV Intentional Program Violation
IRS Internal Revenue Service
IVR Interactive Voice Response
LFAM Licensed Family Child Care Provider
LGRP Licensed Group Child Care Provider
MECA Milwaukee Early Care Administration
MilES Milwaukee Enrollment Services
NPL Notice Prior to Levy
OLC Office of Legal Counsel
PACU Public Assistance Collection Unit
PARIS Public Assistance Reporting Information System
PE Provider Error
PLBC Post Load Benefit Correction
PIN Personal Identification Number
POS Point of Sale Device
RFA Request for Assistance
RPA Repayment Agreement
SMI State Median Income
SUITES State Unemployment Insurance Tax Enterprise System
SWICA State Wage Information Collection Agency
TA Technical Assistance
TCR Targeted Case Review
VPA Voluntary Repayment Agreement
WebI Web Intelligence
WI Wisconsin
YS YoungStar



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