16.3.1  Groups Mandatory for Case Management

Five target groups are mandatory for case management:

1.             Children between the ages of 6 and 17 not enrolled in school;

2.             A Dropout or a Returning Dropout;

3.             A Habitual Truant;

4.             A Minor Parent; and

5.             A child whose W-2 group includes a participant who has been unable to participate in required assigned activities due to the child’s school-related problems.

A child identified as mandatory for case management will remain mandatory until the next review date, unless any of the following occurs:

·        The parent of the Learnfare child is no longer placed in a CSJ, TMP, or W-2 T position;

·        The child has reached age 18;

·        For minor parents, the minor parent has lost his or her child through death or adoption;

·        For returning dropouts, the child has completed two consecutive semesters, including the semester during which the child returns to school; or

·        The child’s school-related problems are remedied and the participant resumes participation in required assigned activities.

Any child enrolled in case management can volunteer to receive Learnfare case management services through the end of the school semester even when he or she is no longer mandatory.

A financial penalty must not be imposed on W-2 Groups whose child(ren) voluntarily continue(s) to participate in Learnfare case management. (See 16.4.1)



History: Release 16-01; Release 13-03.