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16.3.1  Groups Mandatory for Case Management

Five target groups are mandatory for case management:

  1. Children between the ages of 6 and 17 not enrolled in school;

  2. A Dropout or a Returning Dropout;

  3. A Habitual Truant;

  4. A Minor Parent; and

  5. A child whose W-2 group includes a participant who has been unable to participate in required assigned activities due to the child’s school-related problems.

A child identified as mandatory for case management will remain mandatory until the next review date, unless any of the following occurs:

Any child enrolled in case management can volunteer to receive Learnfare case management services through the end of the school semester even when s/he is no longer mandatory.

A financial penalty must not be imposed on W-2 Groups whose child\children voluntarily continues\continue to participate in Learnfare case management. (See 16.4.1)




Page Last Updated:  06/27/16
Policy Effective Date:  06/25/16