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15.6.3  Filing a Good Cause Claim

A W-2 agency must provide the Good Cause Claim (2019) to any W-2 applicant or participant upon request.  The individual may file a Good Cause Claim form with the W-2 agency at any time.  Individuals may also ask for and receive the Good Cause Claim form to help them decide whether or not to claim good cause for not cooperating.  

Upon receipt of the Good Cause Claim form, the W-2 agency must notify the CSA within 2 working days of the date the Good Cause Claim form was signed.  The CSA must not take any further action until the W-2 agency determines whether good cause exists.

An individual who submits a Good Cause Claim form is required to submit at least one document of corroborative evidence and a statement specifying the circumstances that the individual believes provide sufficient good cause for not cooperating.  The statement may be written on the claim form.

If an individual does not submit sufficient evidence for the W-2 agency to substantiate the good cause claim, the W-2 agency must notify the individual that additional evidence is required and must outline the types of evidence that may be used as listed in 15.6.4.  The W-2 agency must make a reasonable effort to obtain specific documents or information that the individual is having difficulty obtaining. 

The individual must submit corroborative evidence to the W-2 agency within 20 calendar days from the day the claim was signed.  A W-2 worker may, with supervisory approval, determine that more time is needed due to difficulty in obtaining corroborative evidence.  The W-2 agency must advise the individual that if assistance is needed in obtaining the evidence, the agency will assist.  If the good cause claim is based on domestic abuse and no corroborative evidence is currently available, the W-2 agency may permit the applicant or participant to submit evidence to the W-2 agency within 60 calendar days from the date the claim was signed.




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