11.7.1  Drug Felons

For W-2 purposes, the definition of a drug felon is an adult (over 18) who is convicted of a felony, which occurred within the last five years in state or federal court, involving the possession, use or distribution of a controlled substance.  As a condition of continuing eligibility, a CSJ or W-2 T participant must report if he or she is convicted of a drug-related felony.  If the W-2 agency finds out by another means that the participant received a drug felony conviction and that the participant did not report the conviction, the participant may be ineligible for W-2.

Participants that report receiving a drug felony conviction must submit to a test for use of a controlled substance.  The cost of drug testing must be paid for by the local agency.  Drug tests taken from another credible source may be used if taken within the last 30 days.  If a previous drug test result is offered but is older than 30 days, require a new drug test.  Examples of credible sources include, but are not limited to, probation officers, employers, FEPs, etc.

Only CSJ and W-2 T participants are subject to drug felon penalties.



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