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4.4.6  Storing Confidential Information

The FEP must store all confidential information in a sealed envelope in the paper file.  W-2 agencies are prohibited from scanning confidential information into ECF.

W-2 agencies must cross-reference confidential information by only generally referencing the information in CARES screen CMCC and providing further details in the paper file.  Below are examples of appropriate language that can be used when cross-referencing this information:

1.             “Participant has been referred for Mental Health Assessment.  The assessment will be completed the week of March 20th for a total of 35 hours.”

2.             “Participant is currently receiving AODA treatment 10 hours per week.  See paper file for assessments and treatment notes.”

3.             “Participant is currently restricted per completed medical capacity form to no more than 30 minutes of continuous sitting or standing.  Participant is scheduled for surgery in two weeks.  The doctor estimates a 12-week recovery period.  Updated ANDI and AIWP accordingly.  Paper file contains complete medical information and diagnosis provided by the doctor.”




This page last updated in Release # 11-02
Release Date:  04/07/11
Effective Date:  04/07/11