Comments for W-2 must be entered by workers using CWW and WWP. Workers must record comments within 24 hours after the action or contact with a participant to ensure a sequential history. When a FEP makes a change to a W-2 case that leaves eligibility unconfirmed for other programs, the FEP must notify the Income Maintenance (IM)/Child Care (CC) worker to confirm eligibility for the other programs. In addition to comments, whenever the FEP or IM/CC worker makes a change in a case, the worker must also notify the other worker via e-mail, fax, or phone contact to ensure timely processing of the W-2, CC, and IM cases. 

There are two types of comment entries:

The first type, case comments, are entered into CWW. Case comments should be entered when the interaction is describing a case level event that impacts eligibility issues, such as case reviews, verification, adding or deleting household members, etc.

The second type is PIN comments. PIN comments are entered in WWP. PIN comments should be entered when the interaction is describing an individual level event, such as good cause, informal assessment summary, general notes recording individual contact as it relates to work program participation, etc. PIN comments are required as a formal record of all Work Programs-related information for an individual.  

W-2 agencies may not disclose confidential information in comments and must note that further details are in ECF and/or the WWP Participant Barrier page.  Below are examples of appropriate language that can be used when cross-referencing this information:

1.             “Participant has been referred for a formal assessment. See WWP Participant Barrier page for further details.”

2.             “Participant is currently restricted per completed medical capacity form to no more than 30 minutes of continuous sitting or standing. ECF contains complete medical information and diagnosis provided by the doctor.”

See for a listing of confidential information that must never be entered in comments.



History: Release 20-03; Release 18-04; Release 14-03.