7.5.1     Noncustodial Parents (CMN)  Children First


The Noncustodial Parents (CMN) placement is for individuals who are noncustodial parents  (NCPs).  One of the goals of W-2 is to enable custodial parents  to achieve economic stability by ensuring regular child support payments in combination with employment. For this reason, W-2 agencies should provide case management and assistance in obtaining employment to NCPs. When appropriate, W-2 agencies should explain available NCP services to the custodial parent.

For a noncustodial parent to be eligible for W-2:

1                The custodial parent must be participating in W-2;

2                The noncustodial parent must be subject to a child support order; and

3                The noncustodial parent must meet all financial and nonfinancial eligibility criteria (See Chapters 2 & 3) except that the individual is a noncustodial parent. 

Example 1:  Norman is the noncustodial parent to Thomas, his 9 year-old son.  Thomas lives with his mother, Mary, who has "full" custody of Thomas.  Mary continues to be a W-2 participant.  Norman has a Child Support order that requires him to pay the ordered support for Thomas every other month.  Although Norman typically is a few months late in making his Child Support payments, he is cooperating with the Child Support Agency and he also meets all other W-2 financial and nonfinancial requirements except he is not a custodial parent.  Norman meets all of the Noncustodial Parent (CMN) placement requirements.


The W-2 agency may provide the following services to individuals in a noncustodial parent placement (CMN):

o  JS - Job Skills Training;

o  GE - GED;

o  HE - HSE;

o  LF - Life Skills; and  Children First

Children First provides employment and training services for eligible NCPs.  It also provides services and support to help NCPs increase their involvement in the lives of their child(ren).  

The NCP may be court-ordered to participate in the Children First Program if he/she is unable to meet his/her child support obligation.  Eligibility for Children First is not tied to W-2 eligibility.  A noncustodial parent  who meets all of the eligibility criteria in 7.5.1 above may receive both Children First and W-2 services at the same time.

An NCP successfully completes the Children First Program when he/she makes timely child support payments for three consecutive months or participates in the Children First Program for 16 weeks.  Children First may be administered by the county child support agency, county human/social services agency, tribal governing body or W-2 agency.


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