17.2.1 Eligibility Criteria    

In order to be determined potentially eligible, an individual must meet each of the following criteria:

1                Pass W-2 non-financial and financial eligibility criteria as defined in W-2 Manual Chapters 2 and 3;

2                Need the loan to address an immediate and discrete financial crisis that is not the result of the individual’s failure to accept a bona fide offer of employment or the individual’s termination of a job without good cause;

3                Be either:

4                Not be in default in the repayment of any current JAL or cash assistance overpayment recoupment;

5                Not be a migrant worker; and

6                Have an acceptable repayment plan as defined below:

If the JAL applicant is a custodial minor teen parent the following eligibility criteria apply:

1                Must turn 18 years of age within two months of applying for the JAL;

2                Must live in one of the following supervised, alternative living arrangements:

A              Kinship care;

B               foster home;

C              group home; or

D              an adult supervised independent living arrangement approved by the W-2 agency; and

3                Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

JAL applicants meeting these eligibility criteria are not entitled to a loan, but may be approved for a loan as long as funding is available.






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