Recreational Licenses

If the payer's name is added to the Child Support Lien Docket, the child support agency may take steps to suspend, deny, or restrict the payer's recreational licenses when the child support lien equals or exceeds three month's worth of support. By law, two warning notices are sent before the child support agency takes any license-enforcement action.

For example, a parent ordered to pay $300 a month in support fails to pay the full amount due for several months, and now owes $1200. Because the payer's name was added to the Lien Docket when the past due amount reached $500, now that the payer owes more than three month's of past-due support, the payer's recreational licenses (hunting, fishing) may be suspended or not issued.

If "Recreational License Suspension" is listed as "Active" in the Administrative Enforcement section of the Court Case Summary screen, the payer must either pay off the past-due amount in full, or make satisfactory payment arrangements with the child support agency to have the license issued. The payer is responsible for any fees charged by the licensing agency.

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