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Child Care Licensing Procedure Manual



Overview - Child Care Incident, Accident, Injury, and Death Reporting

Family child care, group child care and day camp licensees are required to report to the Department [delegated to, and hereafter referred to, as the Bureau of Early Care Regulation (BECR)] the following:

This reporting requirement for licensees is set forth in Wis. Admin. Codes §§ DCF 250.04(3)(a), 250.04(3)(am), 250.04(3)(ar), 251.04(3)(a), 251.04(3)(am), 251.04(3)(ar),  252.41(2)(a), 252.41(2)(am) and 252.41(2)(ar). The injury must have been sustained while in the care of the child care center, including while in a child care vehicle, on a field trip or at the center itself.

Licensees must report the incident or accident resulting in professional medical evaluation, death or injury caused by an animal, to BECR either through verbal or written notification within 24 hours. Fax, e-mail, letter and in person are acceptable ways of notifying BECR within 24 hours. If the report is made by telephone, the licensee must submit a written report to the appropriate BECR regional licensing office within five business days of the incident. When submitting the written notification, the licensee may use either the department’s form, Incident Report - Regulated Child Care (DCF-F-CFS0055), or the licensee’s own form to report the event.

The licensing specialist reviews any self-report made by a center and may conduct a follow-up investigation on a self-report to determine whether licensing violations have occurred or if a situation exists that has the potential to cause harm to a child. The follow-up investigation may involve a site visit, a review of additional documentation submitted by the licensee, a review of police reports or county investigations and interviews with staff members, parents or other witnesses.  

The report of an incident, accident, or injury caused by an animal necessitates that the licensing specialist take appropriate follow-up action including:

A report of an incident, accident, death or injury caused by an animal and the accompanying documentation is uploaded under Documents in the Location Details Section in WISCCRS.

It should be noted that the procedures described in this chapter only concern reports of incidents, accidents, resulting in professional medical evaluation, death and animal injuries only, and do not address other licensee reporting requirements such as:

See the Complaint/Incident Investigation and WISCCR Reporting guidelines for more information on licensee reporting requirements.  


This page last updated 10/2019.