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Child Care Certification Policy Manual




3.1 - Certification Reviews

The Certification Review process is a joint effort between the Bureau of Regional Operations (BRO) and the Bureau of Early Care Regulation (BECR) to monitor certification agencies for compliance with certification requirements and provide technical assistance to agencies to ensure the safety of children and support quality child care services by certified operators.


In 2009, the Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) evaluated child care regulation in licensed and certified facilities and the potential for fraud and abuse under Wisconsin Shares. The LAB report included several recommendations for improvements of certification practice including, but not limited to:



The review process includes the following elements:



Certifying agencies will be reviewed every 3 years, with the reviews scheduled by BRO child care coordinators at the agency’s convenience. The BRO child care coordinator will work with the agency to conduct the various elements of the review process. Upon completion of the review, the agency will receive a written report with the results of the review. In the event that improvements are necessary, the BRO child care coordinator will work with the agency to develop an Action Plan to address review findings and recommendations. Action Plans will be reviewed by the BECR certification specialist. If a serious problem is identified the agency may be directed to take corrective action. The BRO child care coordinator will provide consultation and technical assistance to agencies as they develop and implement their Action Plans and any Corrective Actions.


Review findings will be used to:



In addition to the full Certification Reviews every three years, BRO child care coordinators will also make annual on-site visits to agencies to check with agencies on their certification programs, including follow-up on previous Certification Reviews, trends in certification activities as documented in WISCRRS and agency training and technical assistance needs.


See Administrative Memo 12-02 for more information. (Available on the Wisconsin Shares SharePoint site.)


A link to the Administrative Review Forms is located on the Certification SharePoint site (under Links)



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