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.OCX Support

Installation Files

Installation Instructions

Alternative Methods to Install OCX

Manual installation to each PC

Login to the workstation as the 'Administrator'

Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder on the worker station's C:\ drive, or use a disk that contains the unzipped files

Double click on the DeployOCX.htm file

Network Installation

Login to the Network as Administrator

Copy the files to a common network drive and double click on the DeployOCX.htm file from the user's PC, or send the end user a link to open the DeployOcx.htm file.

Citrix Installation

Login as Administrator to the Citrix Server

Access the eWiSACWIS application and install the files

Once the installation is completed, publish IE to all the user desktops

Verify that the eWiSACWIS folder has full access to all users

Repeat this process for each Citrix server

To Verify the Installation

Open Internet Explorer

From the Tools menu select "Internet Options..."

On the General Tab click on the "Settings" button

On Website Data Settings>Click on View "objects"

Check that the file "SacwisDocumentAutomation.ocx" is present

Removal Instructions

Download and run the following file to uninstall the OCX

OCX Removal Tool

Macro Message Fix


End user gets a popup message asking them to enable or disable macros when they attempt to open a MS Word Template in eWiSACWIS. The popup contains "Always trust macro from this source" checkbox, but the end user is unable to check the checkbox. They continue to get the popup message every time they use a template.


The solution depends on saving a certificate file to the PC. To do so, save the zip file Verisign-Class-3-Code-Signing-2004-CA.zip to the C:\ drive of the PC that needs to be fixed.

Open the zip file; it will contain a single file,Verisign-Class-3-Code-Signing-2004-CA.cer   Extract (save) the file to the C:\ drive of the PC

Open the file from the C:\ drive, click on the "Install Certificate" button.

The "Certificate Import Wizard" should open.  In the "Certificate Import Wizard" click on the "Next" button and keep clicking on the "Next" button (leaving the default options selected) until you get to the step where there is a "Finish" button (there are 3 screens in the "Certificate Import Wizard").  After clicking on the "Finish" button you should see a message "The import was successful"

Now the user should be able to check the "Always trust macro from this source" checkbox when a document is launched through eWiSACWIS and not have to keep enabling the macro every time a document is launched through eWiSACWIS


for Counties on Citrix and/or have many users, installing this certificate manually on every user's workstation may not be a feasible option.  For such counties automating the certificate installation maybe a better option.