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Technical FAQ

How do I create a shortcut from my Desktop to the eWiSACWIS Website?

From the computer desktop, right click, select New > Shortcut. Enter the URL http://apps.dcf.wisconsin.gov/ewisacwis/

Will there be voice recognition software made available for those people that do not type well?

At this time, voice recognition software is not available for eWiSACWIS users.

What kind of technology does eWiSACWIS employ?

eWiSACWIS is a web-based information system using Java J2EE specifications and the Apache Struts framework. It is multi-tiered architecture running the Linux operating system utilizing IBM WebSphere Application Server and Oracle Database Server. Authentication uses Novell Access Manager and eDirectory (LDAP) servers. The architecture has failover, load balancing and redundancy built-in.

Can we query the eWiSACWIS database and generate our own reports?

The eWiSACWIS production database (PSAC) is reserved for data entry, standard reports, and ad hoc reports that require data that is less than 48 hours old.
A replication database (REPL) consisting of County specific data is available for use by counties. The REPL database is designed for use with County interfaces and for locally produced reporting. A user with access to the tables in this database can use any third party tool (i.e.: MS Access, MS Excel, Crystal Reports, etc.) to create and run reports.

What are the hardware/software requirements for eWiSACWIS and eWReports?

Several primary factors will have a direct influence upon county eWiSACWIS system performance including:

  • The speed by which a county is connected to the Internet through a local ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • The capacity of the local county workstation, including speed of the CPU (processor speed) and the amount and utilization of workstation RAM (memory)
  • The workstation OS (operating system) and
  • Other concurrent applications running on the workstation

Workstation Operating System:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Workstation Hardware:

  • Minimum hardware requirements are established by Microsoft to run the supported IE browser and operating system of your choice. (Required)
  • 1 GB+ of free space on the hard drive (For Best Results)
  • Screen resolution of (800 x 600) or higher (Required)

Workstation Application Software:

  • Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016
  • Internet Explorer 11 is the only supported version
  • ISP connectivity with T1 speed or greater (1.5 Mbps) (For best performance)

**Please note: The capacity of county Internet connectivity has a direct connection to eWiSACWIS performance. Should a county wish to discuss issues relating to internet capacity with the project technical staff, please do not hesitate to contact eWiSACWIS technical support staff.

  • Starting 12/15/2017 eWiSACWIS application users will not be able to run the Application in Compatibility or Enterprise mode


How do I know if eWiSACWIS is experiencing a hardware failure?

eWiSACWIS will display a fatal application error message box.

How does my county connect to eWiSACWIS?

Each eWiSACWIS end user uses the desktop Internet Explorer browser to connect (via the Internet) directly to the eWiSACWIS web application server. eWiSACWIS reduces to a minimum both the hardware and technical resources needed to support the statewide application and associated infrastructure.

Why is there a recommendation of 1 GB(or more) free space on the workstation's hard drive?

When a user is working with templates in eWiSACWIS, they are temporarily stored on the hard drive.

Can my county use "diskless workstations" for eWiSACWIS?

eWiSACWIS has been designed for maximum flexibility to function on a variety of possible county workstation configurations including "diskless workstations".

What are the bandwidth utilization measurements for eWiSACWIS?

There is a Bandwidth Matrix and a Bandwidth Graph that illustrate the percent utilization by line speed and by number of concurrent users.

It is important to note that concurrent users is defined as users hitting the state web server simultaneously (i.e. clicking on search, save, continue, etc). For example, with 10 concurrent users using a T1 line, eWiSACWIS bandwidth utilization is only 2.75%. The vast majority of counties in Wisconsin will have much less than 10 concurrent users at any given time.