About Program Integrity

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The Bureau of Program Integrity (BPI) within the Division of Early Care and Education (DECE) has lead planning responsibilities for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) statewide child care program integrity activities. Specifically, the BPI upholds the policies and procedures for the Wisconsin Shares Program. The program is founded on five (5) guiding principles. Prevention, Detection, Investigation, Sanctions and Collection.



To enforce compliance and integrity of the Wisconsin Shares and YoungStar programs by monitoring, investigating, and recovering misapplied funds.


We are dedicated to leading and promoting statewide integrity. We aim to enhance the focus on prevention, detection, and investigations. We provide policy and procedural guidance to local agencies regarding anti-fraud and local program integrity efforts. The Bureau of Program Integrity’s role is to remain independent and unbiased with respect to the information examined.

What We Do


The BPI’s objective is to ensure that all preventative elements of the program are being upheld across state agencies. This starts at the point of benefit eligibility, child care authorization, provider applications, and/or county verifications and approvals.


The BPI monitors and maintains a variety of data and reports to detect potential red flags that may require further technical assistance or investigation. These are specific items that are flagged weekly, monthly, or quarterly to discover trends or unusual activity.


The BPI audits and investigates matters that appear to be in violation of the Wisconsin Shares Program policies and regulations. Investigations will be initiated by specific referrals reported to the BPI or red flag reports that trigger enough concern for further monitoring.


The BPI will move forward to initiate and establish the appropriate penalty for the violation of policies discovered during an investigation. These enforcement actions will be communicated with an explanation of the evidence and consequence.


The BPI can and will establish overpayments to the necessary party if Wisconsin Shares funds were issued or used inappropriately. All Wisconsin Shares payments issued in error or used inappropriately must be recouped.

BPI Responsibilities

  1. Investigate potential overpayments and/or fraudulent cases
  2. Processing client and provider overpayments, fair hearing preparedness, and overpayment entry issues related to CARES Benefit Recovery, PIES, BRITS, and CSAW systems
  3. Monitor and approve Intentional Program Violations throughout the state
  4. Track investigation appeal outcomes
  5. Monitor delinquent providers/clients
  6. Collaborate with DCF Public Assistance Collection Unit (PACU)

History of the BPI

In 2009, the Bureau of Child Care Administration housed all program integrity activities. New policy encouraged the ability to audit for the purpose of monitoring and detecting fraud. New investigation procedures were developed and a new fraud detection and investigation unit and task force were created. New rules were established for reasonable suspicion and collection of attendance records. Additionally, there is improved and increased collaboration and communication between all departments working with the Wisconsin Shares Program.

  1. Require providers to maintain attendance records on site for three (3) years
  2. Prohibit more than 40% of subsidized children from being children of employees of provider
  3. Recover payment for reasonable suspicion of program violations
  4. Ability to impose fines and forfeitures against provider

In 2011, additional policy was developed to restrict providers from receiving subsidy payments for their own children and provide a local agency incentive for fraud detection.

In 2013, the Division of Early Care and Education reorganized, creating an official Bureau of Program Integrity (BPI). The bureau continues to focus on prevention, detection, investigation, sanction, and collection activities to maintain integrity of the Wisconsin Shares and YoungStar programs.

BPI Accomplishments

Since 2009, the BPI has conducted over 2,600 investigations of referred providers, resulting in 531 child care providers being suspended from the Wisconsin Shares program. About 210 providers were referred to the Task Force for possible criminal investigation.