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Future of the Family Commission delivers recommendations to Governor Walker

members of the Future of the Family Commission present report to Governor Walker

Members of the Future of the Family Commission recently met with Governor Walker to discuss their recommendations and to answer questions about their final report. During the meeting, the Governor thanked them for their commitment to improving the lives of all Wisconsin families and for the thoughtful approach they took during their deliberations. 

Headed by Eloise Anderson, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, the commission was comprised of a diverse group of recognized thought leaders and civically engaged citizens.  

The Future of the Family Commission met on a bi-monthly basis throughout the 2016 calendar year to learn from nationally recognized experts about the most pressing challenges facing today's families and a variety of different approaches that could be tried to help better strengthen and support them.

Following the directive within the Governor's Executive Order #184, the Commission finalized their recommendations in November, 2016 and delivered them to Governor Walker on December 1, 2016.