Teams Drive Transformation

To help make this change possible, three strategic teams were formed to implement components of Family First. These teams align with DCF's long-tern, strategic transformation efforts.

Home-Like Team | Prevention 

This team is creating an in-home services model to keep more families and children together. Main objectives of this team include:

  1. Safely transforming the child welfare system and youth justice system to dramatically increase the proportion of children supported in-home. 
  2. Identify, recruit and support relative and like-kin caregivers, in support of children who cannot be safely maintained in their homes.
  3. Elevate and support the role of individuals with lived experience to inform system changes.

Prevention planning is one way this team is working to transform the child welfare system.

Higher Level of Care Team

This team is working to ensure Wisconsin has a consistent, high-level of care for youth. Main objectives include:

  1. Support the needs of complex youth.
  2. Reduce the number of children placed in out-of-state care.
  3. Establish a child-centric, sustainable and trauma-informed system to achieve better outcomes for children.

Infrastructure and Support Team

This team is improving processes, practice and technologies that will increase the time a child welfare worker can spend with families. This team is strategically shifting our child welfare system by:

  1. Workforce Support: increase the proportion of time spent by child welfare workers with children, youth and families doing activities that promote quality of service.
  2. New Worker Training: develop a new child welfare worker program that meets the needs of the workforce and system.
  3. Youth Justice Infrastructure: Enhance youth justice infrastructure to meet statutory requirements.

Combined, these teams are doing powerful work that will reshape the child welfare system to benefit Wisconsin's children, youth and families.