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Questions asked by Parents who Receive Child Support

How can I get a statement of all the support I received last year?

You can view and print your payment history from the Child Support Online Services site. (Registration is required). You can pick a statement for one or for all of your cases. You can choose from the following time frames:

  • the past 90 days
  • year-to-date
  • past calendar year

You may also call the KIDS Information Line and ask to have a payment history mailed to you.

If the other parent pays support for two families, how much support will each family get?

Federal rules and state law dictate how support collections are paid out. For information on Serial-Family Orders, click here.

After my child support is paid, when will I get it?

In most cases, support is paid out within two business days of the Trust Fund receiving a payment. New income withholdings, the first payment on a debit card, and payments from tax returns can take longer. Additionally, payments that come in on the weekend, or over a holiday can also take an extra day or two to be sent.

Can my child support agency help with medical support the court ordered?

Yes. Medical support may include health insurance, and/or payment of medical costs. Both parents are responsible to provide medical support for their children.

I moved a few years ago, but did not tell my child support agency. Can I check to see if I missed getting any support payments?

Yes. You can go to the unclaimed child support page to see if support is being held for you. If you receive your payments on a debit card, you may also wish to call EPPIC and update your address there as well.

I found an old child support check. My bank said the check is too old to cash. What can I do?

This is a stale-dated check. We will replace checks dated less than six years old. You should download the Request for Re-issuance of a Stale-dated Check form. Follow the instructions on the form, and make sure you sign the form in front of a Notary Public.

Can my child support agency help if the other parent moves to another state or country?

Yes. Most child support services are available locally. Parents may apply for child support services regardless of where the other parent lives or where their order is from.

I received a notice that the other parent has filed for bankruptcy. What do I have to do?

Child support is not discharged by a bankruptcy action. A child support order will remain in place and past-due support owed cannot be forgiven or reduced by the bankruptcy action. However, your child support agency's ability to enforce your child support order will be limited by federal and state law during the course of the bankruptcy. Please contact your child support agency for more information on how bankruptcy may affect your individual case.