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Child Support Guidelines for Shared-Placement Cases


Courts may use the shared-placement guidelines when a court gives each parent placement of the child for at least 25% of the time.

  • The court will order each parent to provide the child's basic support costs in proportion to the time that parent cares for the child.
  • The court must also assign responsibility for payment of the child's variable costs in proportion to each parent's share of placement.
  • Incomes of both parents are used to set the amount of support.
  • The parent's share of placement determines that parent's share of support.

Example: Parents have 2 children

Parent A: Monthly gross income is $2,000. Cares for both children 219 days a year (60% of the time)

Parent B: Monthly gross income is $3,000. Cares for both children 146 days a year (40% of the time)

(This chart does not include payments for the children's variable costs.)

  Parent A Parent B
Monthly Income for Child Support $2,000 $3,000
Multiply the monthly income by 25% x 25%
#1 $500 $750
For each parent, multiply the amount in line #1 by 150% x 150%
#2 $750 $1,125
Multiply line #2 by the percent of time spent with the other parent x 40% x 60%
#3 $300 $675
Subtract the lower amount from the higher amount in line #3. In this example, Parent B will pay $375/month $675 - 300 = $375