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Child Support Guidelines for Serial Family Parents


If a parent supports more than one family, the court may adjust the parent's income for later child support orders.

Order of legal obligation

The order of legal obligation is based on when the support order began. The legal obligation may include a parent's current, intact family. A support obligation begins on the date when:

  • The child is born, if the child was conceived or born during the parent's marriage
  • The child is adopted into an intact family
  • Legal fatherhood is established or the child is adopted. For a child born outside of marriage, the duty to support begins at the child's birth.


Monthly Income for Child Support $2,500
Support order for the 2 older children - $625
Adjusted income for younger child = $1,875
Percentage standard for 1 child x 17%
Estimated support amount for 1 younger child $318.75
A parent has a support order for two older children and now has a new order for one younger child