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Fees Paid by the Parent Paying Support

Employer Charges for Income Withholding

Employers may charge a fee to cover their costs to withhold support. This fee is taken from the parent's wages, commission check, or other source of income, but not from the support payment sent to the other parent. By law, the fee must be the actual cost to the employer, but may not be more than $3.00 for each withholding.

Employers may charge more than one fee from the same paycheck if:

  • There are withholdings for child support and R&D fees from the same paycheck. This requires two separate mailings.
  • There are withholdings for two child support orders from the same paycheck, and one of the orders is for a different state.

Employers may NOT charge more than $3.00 per paycheck unless your situation is one of the two outlined above.

Employers may NOT charge a fee for sending withheld premiums to an insurance provider.

Receipt and Disbursement (R&D) Fee

The R&D fee helps pay the cost of processing payments and maintaining payment records for your child support case(s).

  • The $65 fee is charged each year on each court case.
  • Paying parents receive a R&D fee notice and payment coupon each January.
  • If the fee is not paid in full, the fee may be collected through income withholding.

Ways to pay the R&D Fee