Headshot of Abby Lethlean

Abby Lethlean

Abby is the Lead Twos Teacher for Ebenezer Child Care From the Heart in Milwaukee

My classroom is designed to encourage hands on, open concept learning. I have always enjoyed bringing the outside world into my classroom, allowing my children to explore with all of their senses! I have 12 years of teaching experience and feel like I have grown even more as an educator this past year with Ebenezer Child Care. I’ve been given the flexibility and support to develop my classroom curriculum in innovative ways to meet the needs of my children and families. I like to describe it is as being given a blank canvas and I work daily to create a masterpiece. You can find us singing and using sign language to learn, during group time. Or using our thinking skills during hands-on, theme-based science experiments. Most days, we use various art materials to communicate our imaginations. But, what I am most proud of is, I have created a space that promotes learning, laughter, LOVE and exploration.

I feel early childhood educators are undervalued, underpaid and often forgotten within society. I would love to extend my appreciation to you all. I pray 2020 brings awareness that we are vital to education and instrumental to the future.