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YoungStar Renewal

You've been through one year of YoungStar and received your first YoungStar rating.  Congratulations!  Now what?

You have some decisions to make...

When you receive your YoungStar Contract Renewal in the mail, you will need to choose how you would like to participate in YoungStar this year.  Once again, you will be able to choose the type of rating you want and if you want on-site technical assistance. 

Additionally, throughout the year, you will be able to participate in trainings in your area to help you on your quality improvement journey. 

We are here to help so don't hesitate to contact your local YoungStar office if you have any questions or concerns!

How Does YoungStar Renewal Work?

Participation in YoungStar is required for all providers who want to receive Wisconsin Shares, the child care subsidy program for working families in Wisconsin.  For all other providers, participation is voluntary.  We revise the YoungStar quality indicators every calendar year.  Please see the current year version of the Evaluation Criteria available now on the For Providers webpage.  It is used for any programs that have an anniversary date between January 1 and December 31 of the corresponding year and also for all providers who apply to YoungStar for the first time during that year.  For example, if a program applied to YoungStar on July 1, 2013, they would be rated using the 2013 Evaluation Criteria. 

Providers that are already participating in YoungStar need to reapply every year by their anniversary date.  This is the anniversary of the date you were given your first rating in YoungStar.  So, if you received your first YoungStar rating on October 15, 2011, your anniversary date is October 15 every year.  Your Wisconsin Shares payments are tied to your participation and rating in YoungStar, so be sure to submit your YoungStar Contract Renewal by your anniversary date to avoid interruption in Wisconsin Shares payments.

Where and When Will I Get a YoungStar Contract Renewal?

Approximately 120 days before your anniversary date, providers will automatically be mailed a YoungStar Contract Renewal.  Some of the information on the form will be filled out for you--please verify that the prefilled information is correct.  The rest, you need to fill out.  When you have completed the form, you will mail it to your local YoungStar office.  The address for this office will be listed on the YoungStar Contract Renewal you receive in the mail.

Local YoungStar offices will be holding YoungStar renewal meetings to help providers prepare for reapplication to YoungStar.  When you receive your YoungStar Contract Renewal (approximately 120 days before your anniversary date), watch your mail for an invitation to attend a renewal meeting at your local YoungStar office.

If you have not turned in your YoungStar Contract Renewal 30 days before your anniversary date, you will get a second reminder to turn it in.  If you have not turned in your YoungStar Contract Renewal 3 weeks before your anniversary date, the families in your program who utilize Wisconsin Shares will receive a notice that you have not turned in your YoungStar Contract Renewal.  This is sent to give them time to find alternative child care arrangements if you choose to discontinue your participation in YoungStar.

What if I Lose My YoungStar Contract Renewal or Never Receive One?

You should receive the YoungStar Contract Renewal approximately 120 days before your anniversary date.  Allow a week to account for postal delays.  Then, if you still don't have the YoungStar Contract Renewal, contact your local YoungStar office for a new form.  The YoungStar Contract Renewals are not available online.

Resources for YoungStar Renewal

2013 Evaluation Criteria for YoungStar:   Family     Group     School-Age

2014 Evaluation Criteria:   Family     Group     School-Age


Documents outlining the changes to YoungStar for 2013 and for 2014 have been developed to help providers who are renewing their YoungStar applications: Changes to YoungStar for 2013             Changes to YoungStar for 2014

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