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   Reports Home 

This site presents information relevant to the Wisconsin Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (eWiSACWIS). The site includes current operational information for Wisconsin counties actively using eWiSACWIS and information for other states and counties interested in Wisconsin's SACWIS technologies. The site also includes listings of and descriptions of eWiSACWIS reports, which contain detailed case information used by local child welfare agency staff for child welfare purposes, and to which only appropriate child welfare agency staff and other authorized users have access to as provided under applicable law, including but not limited to Wisconsin Statutes, Sections 48.981, 48.78, and 48.396.


Reports Decision Tree

Please log into eWReports to view the Reports Decision Tree. It's a multi-tier tool that is used to look up and understand reports based upon report category.


What's New in eWReports

Please log into eWReports to view What’s New in eWiSACWIS Reports, which provides detailed information on new eWiSACWIS reports, improvements or substantive fixes to existing reports, and reports which have been retired and removed from the system.


All Non Restricted eWiSACWIS Reports

Please log into eWReports to view all of the reports in eWiSACWIS that can be accessed without special security.


Batch Run Calendar

Calendar showing the complete eWiSACWIS batch schedule for the up coming year, and batch processing information.


eWiSACWIS Batch Run Definitions

Please log into eWReports to view a "batch run." This is a group of programs and reports run at a scheduled time, usually during night hours.  This page provides information on when batch runs are scheduled (e.g., every Monday, the first of each month), which reports are produced, and the dates on which each is scheduled to run.


eWiSACWIS Batch & Report Run Details

Please log into eWReports to view Report run details, this page provides information on eWiSACWIS reports, including federally mandated outcome and Program Enhancement Plan (PEP) reports. Find out what data is in a report, how often the report is produced, and the dates on which the report is scheduled to run.


Updated June 10, 2014

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