Wisconsin Works (W-2) Fact Sheets

The following W-2 Fact Sheets describe different aspects of the Wisconsin Works Program.  DCF is an equal opportunity service provider. If you need assistance to access services or material in an alternate format, please contact the Division of Family and Economic Security at: (608) 266-3400 (Voice/IVR).

All W-2 agencies are required to provide this brochure to any individual who requests assistance of any kind, "Benefits and Services Offered at Wisconsin Works (W-2) Agencies" (PDF file.) The Department prefers the brochure be printed on white paper with black ink.  Do not modify the content or format of the brochure, except to create large-print formats as needed. Click on the brochure title above to get a copy.

Fact Sheet Titles
Overview Background, Philosophy & Goals
Barrier Screening Tool (BST) Boys and Girls Clubs
Caretaker Supplement Child Care
Child Support Community Steering Committee
Custodial Parent of an Infant Earned Income Credit and other Tax Credits
Education and Training Fact Finding Review
Financial & Employment Planner FoodShare Program
Glossary of Terms Job Access Loans (JALs)
Job Centers Kinship Care
Learnfare Minor Parent
Non-custodial Parents Transportation


Employer Fact Sheets
Employer Child Care Employer Child Support
Employer CSJ and W-2 T Worksite Employer Earned Income Credit
Employer Tax Credits  


Discontinued Programs
Community Youth Grants (CYG) Employment Skills Advancement Program (ESAP)
Literacy Partnership for Full Employment (PFE)
Workforce Attachment and Advancement (WAA) Program Transitional Jobs


 Updated February 21, 2014

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