Transitional Jobs - Memos

Memo Number Memo Date Subject
11-01 2/8/11 Federal Poverty Limit Update, Child Care Subsidies, Use of Office Numbers in CARES, Transitional Jobs Subscription
11-02 8/24/11 New fields on WPJT screen in CARES, Reminder to contact Child Support
12-01 3/9/12 Federal Poverty Limit Update
12-02 8/21/12 Notice of Unemployment Insurance Policies Regarding TJDP Employer Registration and Taxation,
UI Benefits Paid to Transitional Jobs Workers
12-03 9/7/12 Contractor Option to Extend Transitional Jobs Subsidized Employment End Date to June 30, 2013
13-01 2/1/13 Federal Poverty Limit Update for 2013

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