Wisconsin Works (W-2)


Learnfare is designed to help children whose parents participate in Wisconsin Works (W-2) to fulfill their potential in life.

Learnfare case management services offer skills training workshops, opportunities that enable children to attend and complete school, obtain better employment, and be competitive in the working world.

Learnfare Requirements

All children ages 6 through 17 who live with a parent(s) who is placed in a Community Service Job or W-2 Transition position are required to be enrolled in school, unless exempt. They are also required to participate in Learnfare case management if they are not enrolled, dropouts, former dropouts, habitual truants, or minor parents. Case management participation means:

  • Enrolling in case management.
  • Meeting with the Learnfare case manager as scheduled.
  • Participating in required special services.
  • Participating in the Learnfare assessment, and developing the Learnfare Case Management plan.
  • Engaging in activities identified in the Learnfare Case Management plan.

Failing to enroll in school or cooperate with mandatory Learnfare case management without good cause will result in a financial penalty of $50 per month per child, not to exceed $150 per month per W-2 group.

The W-2 agency verifies school enrollment, determines if a child is mandatory for case management, and determines if a child has good cause for failing to cooperate with case management.

Focus of Learnfare Case Management

Learnfare’s case management services are the strength of the program. Services include but are not limited to: assessment, career development and planning, problem solving and role play, non-traditional counseling, crisis counseling and intervention, supportive services, referrals to community services, and helping children enroll in school and maintain good attendance. The Learnfare case managers act as the liaison between the schools and families, make referrals to other agencies and maintain collaborative efforts with those agencies to facilitate the delivery of services. The case managers also monitor the delivery of those services and ensure that the family’s needs are being met.

Learnfare case management focuses on services that maintain school enrollment, improve school attendance, and prepare children for a career. For high school students, Learnfare case management focuses on graduation, career and/or employment planning, job readiness, and job seeking/job retention activities. For minor parents, Learnfare case management also focuses on parenting skills, life skills management, and family planning.

 Updated February 21, 2014

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