Wisconsin Works (W-2) Program

Job Centers

Job Centers provide one-stop shopping for employers to help meet their workforce needs and for job seekers looking for career planning, job placement, advancement, and training services at the local level. Open to any and all job seekers, Job Centers are the integrated service delivery system for individuals who need to access the W-2 program. A Job Center provides a variety of job-related services aimed at employers and various job seeker target groups. This "one stop" approach helps customers understand which program will meet their needs or become aware of available services.

What is a Job Center?
Job Centers are the focal point for employers and job seekers wishing to become part of the world class workforce in Wisconsin. A single point of delivery is offered where both job seekers and employers are able to receive quick and easy access to a wide range of employment services.

Job Centers offer an extensive array of services, including information about jobs, careers, the area labor market, as well as access to training programs, testing, and assessment of individual job seeker skills and interests, job referrals, job search assistance, and job opportunities. For employers, Job Centers offer access to qualified applicants, local labor market information, and specialized services, such as space in the Job Center for interviewing

All Job Centers offer the following "core services:"

  • A computerized listing of job openings, through JobNet
  • Assistance with job search skills
  • Testing and assessment
  • Information on workforce development support services
  • Information on careers, jobs, and labor markets
  • Information on education and training programs
  • Automated links to the unemployment insurance system

W-2 agencies are operated within the Job Center system, either at a Job Center site or linked electronically within a Job Center network. An individual walking into a Job Center will first meet a receptionist for guidance to the appropriate services. A Resource Specialist is available to help people determine what type of assistance will be most useful that leads to self-sufficiency.

Call toll free 1-888-258-9966 to find your nearest Job Center or click here for a list of Job Centers

 Updated June 16, 2008

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