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Welcome to the DCF W-2 CARES HELP Desk Web Center. Throughout this site, you will find useful links and FAQs to assist you with whatever your current CARES problem may be. As always, please be sure to work with your agency CARES coordinator to resolve issues prior to contacting the W-2 Help Desk.

Common Requests

TANF Verification

If you are an out-of-state agency seeking verification of TANF months used in WI, you may contact us by sending an e-mail to dcfw2tanfverify@wisconsin.gov or by completing the TANF Months Verification Form. Once the form has been completed, please fax to 608-327-6125. Prior to sending the fax, review the form to ensure:

  • The form is complete and legible (this form is fillable online),
  • The Name, Birthdates, and SSN you are providing are accurate,
  • Make sure to include your contact information including name, agency, and phone and fax number.
  • Contact DHS Help Desk at 608-261-6378 for verification of Medical/SNAP benefits.


Forgot your password or have been "locked out"? – call 608-264-6323 and select option 2.

MA/BadgerCare/FoodShare/other DHS programs

Do you have issues relating to FoodShare or Medical Assistance programs? - Call 608-261-6378

Vendor Form

Prior to submitting the form to request a vendor number, review CARES screen IQVN using the TIN and the business name to ensure the business has not already been assigned a vendor number.

Please complete DOA-6448 - Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Verification Form.  After completion of this form, and review of IQVN, please e-mail the form to dcfw2caresHD@wisconsin.gov.  The following are helpful tips to ensure your request will be processed promptly:

  • Each section of the form is complete,
  • The information is legible,
  • Review the tax ID number to ensure it is the correct number of digits, and
  • Make sure your contact information is recorded in the For Agency Use Only section.

Approver Form

The new Approver Form is used to designate approvers for W-2 Auxiliary Payments. After completion of this form, please fax to 608-327-6125. Before you send the fax, review the form to ensure:

  • Each section of the form is complete,
  • The information is legible (this form is fillable on line with the exception of the signature),
  • Your contact information is recorded in the For Agency Use Only section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are working on a W-2 Case and are encountering problems with CARES, please review the appropriate FAQ listed below. The FAQ will address common problems and may provide the assistance you need to resolve your issue.

Select one of the following links based on the type of assistance you are seeking:

To Submit a Request For Assistance

If you have been unable to resolve your issue and you require further assistance, please submit an online request for assistance.

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