Random Moment Sampling (RMS)

Training Documents

These documents should be used to train county staff on the RMS and how to respond when they receive an observation email.

Should you require the necessary software to view Excel attachments on this page, please go to the DWD Viewers Download Page. Links to each specific vendor's site have been provided for you.

RMS County Groups

RMS Statistics

Note: Each quarter's workbook has a tab for each group

RMS Roster and Employee Count Information

100% Time Reporting for Program Managers (revised January 2008)

LPMF Replacement Spreadsheets

There is a proposal to discontinue the use of the Local Personnel Master File used by counties to allocate agency management, support, and overhead (AMSO) for contracts. This proposal is contingent on counties who still use LPMF successfully implementing their own local system for allocating AMSO.

As an alternative to LPMF, some counties have developed simple spreadsheets to perform this allocation and have agreed to share these with other counties. Here are links to three examples of allocation spreadsheets used by counties. If there are any questions regarding the spreadsheets, the contact person for each example is listed within the spreadsheet under the contact tab.

Updated February 13, 2015

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