Wisconsin Shares Suspension

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Provider Name Licensed Capacity* Shares Authorizations* Most Recent Monthly Payment
Leola's Special Needs Child Care 8 11 (May, 2013) $3,808.62 (May, 2013)

*At suspension unless otherwise noted

Rationale for Reasonable Suspicion of Program Violation:

The Department gave the provider an opportunity to submit a satisfactory explanation to the Department on 4/24/2013; the Department has determined the explanation the provider submitted on 5/24/2013 to be unsatisfactory. The Department is revoking all child care authorizations and refusing to issue payments based upon a combination of red flags indicating a likelihood of Shares violations and the following findings from the Department’s investigation including: 1) the provider’s failure to maintain and submit accurate attendance records as required by the Shares program; and 2) the provider’s failure to comply with the statutes, promulgated rules, or policies of the Wisconsin Shares program.

The Department has evidence that the provider:

  • Billed for more hours than children actually attended.
  • Billed for children who had incomplete attendance records (missing a time signed in or out).
  • Billed for children who were not in attendance as they were not observed in care.
  • Billed for specific arrival and departure times that were different from what was recorded as the children’s actual arrival and departure times on the attendance records.
  • Billed for children no longer attending the provider’s child care center.

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