Wisconsin Shares Suspension

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Provider Name Licensed Capacity* Shares Authorizations* Most Recent Monthly Payment
Kiddz World Learning Center 38 64 $57,476 (August)

*At suspension unless otherwise noted

Rationale for Reasonable Suspicion of Program Violation:

The Department of Children and Families suspended this child care provider from the Wisconsin Shares program due to a combination of red flags signifying Shares violations. These were identified through data and in person visits.

During the month of August, the provider had a total of 103 Shares authorizations. The provider is licensed to serve 38 children.

On September 21, 2009, two licensors conducted a monitoring visit at Kiddz World Learning Center. Licensors took a record of children with current Shares authorizations. About half of the children on the list were said by the director to not be enrolled in the center. Some of the names were of children she did not even know.

During a visit from an investigator on September 24, the facility director was interviewed. The licensee was not present. She indicated the facility has 16 employees. The Director then indicated there are 50 children that attend the child care facility, 46 of whom are the employee's children. The director could not produce attendance records and indicated that none of the historical records are maintained at the facility. She commented that the licensee keeps the records in her possession and minimizes the involvement of others in maintaining the attendance records. There was a sign posted on the door indicated no one has access to the office other than the licensee or the director.

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