Wisconsin Shares Suspension

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Provider Name Licensed Capacity* Shares Authorizations* Most Recent Monthly Payment
Bee's Daycare 16 43 $40,260 (August)

*At suspension unless otherwise noted

Rationale for Reasonable Suspicion of Program Violation:

The Department of Children and Families suspended this child care provider from the Wisconsin Shares program due to a combination of red flags signifying Shares violations. These were identified through data and in person visits.

As of mid September, 2009, 66% of Shares authorizations of the provider were children of employees. At the time, the provider had 53 Shares authorizations for two facilities licensed to serve a total of 16 children.

During an in-person visit by investigators on September 18, they found that the facility had zero children. An adult was present, but indicated that the center was "closed for the day." Attendance records were not available on site.

The provider has a history of attendance related licensing violations. The Department cited the provider for attendance records violations including April 1, 2009, the provider's own child was not signed in and was on the attendance record. During a May 30, 2008 visit, the attendance record was not current and complete. The Department attempted to visit with no access on May 9, 2008, May 23, 2008, and March 25, 2009.

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