Welcome to the Supervisors area of the Partner Training Section webpage. Take a few minutes to browse through the resources that can help you be a better supervisor and make your job a little easier.

Remember, if you have a TANF/W-2, you can go to The New Worker Training Process page to get everything you need to help your new worker get started and successfully complete our new worker training programs.

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Strategies for Coping & Producing Under Stressful Conditions is a course designed to be a resource for all supervisors who are looking for ways to help themselves and their staff deal with the stress of working in a Human Service or Workforce Development Agency. You'll find assessments to evaluate your stress levels, as well as resources of all kinds for helping you cope.  If you are dealing with any stress right now, you might want to check this course out today. Access this course from the training catalog of the PTS Learning Center

Supervisor Categories

The Supervisor's page is divided into the following categories:

  • Supervisor Resources
    This section gives information on training courses, the W-2 Staff Assessment, web sites and reading materials (including both books and short articles).
  • Enhanced Case Management (ECM) Information
    This section gives information on ECM courses, how to find them in Learning Center, and the process for requesting ECM waivers/equivalencies.
  • Onsite Requests
    New forms are available for you to request onsite assistance. Go to this area of our web to request onsite support, and/or to request that a specific training course be brought onsite.

If you're not sure about training requirements for yourself or your staff, visit the Roles, Responsibilities, and Requirements webpage. This page summarizes requirements and provides links for more information.

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Last Revised: March 15, 2016