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     DCFS Memo Series 2005 - 12

      October 27, 2005
    Re:   eWiSACWIS Permanency
            Plan Review Changes and


To:  Area Administrators/Human Services Area Coordinators
Bureau Directors
County Departments of Community Programs Directors
County Departments of Developmental Disabilities
Services Directors
County Departments of Human Services Directors
County Departments of Social Services Directors
Licensing Chiefs/Section Chiefs
Tribal Chairpersons/Human Services Facilitators
From: Burnie Bridge

This memo describes the eWiSACWIS window called the "Permanency Plan Review/Hearing Results" and a new template entitled "Review of the Permanency Plan" that is largely pre-filled by the content entered in the new window. The "Review of the Permanency Plan" template is one of four templates which the counties and state agreed would be used statewide in the eWiSACWIS system. The template form may not be modified and is used when a permanency plan administrative review is conducted. When a permanency plan hearing is conducted, the court will enter a "Permanency Plan Hearing Order", (Form JD 1791) which summarizes the court's findings and order.

Documentation of the results of a permanency plan review or hearing is required and must be completed in the new window for either a panel review or hearing. The new window and template are designed to be in compliance with s. 48.38 and s. 938.38, Wis. Stats., and federal requirements under Title IV-E, the Chafee Foster Care Independence Act, and the Adoption and Safe Families Act. A copy of the required template is attached.

The permanency plan review/hearing results window incorporates procedures designed to clarify what steps need to be taken after a permanency plan review or hearing. The agency must prepare and provide a written summary of the determinations made within 30 days after a permanency plan administrative review. [Ref. s. 48.38(5)(e), Stats.] The summary must be provided to: the court; the child or the child's counsel or guardian ad litem; the child's Court Appointed Special Advocate; the child's parent, guardian, and legal custodian*; the child's foster parent, treatment foster parent, or the operator of the facility where the child is living; and the district attorney or corporation counsel. [Ref. s. 48.38(5)(e), Stats.] If the review panel made recommendations that conflict with the court order, or that provide for additional services not specified in the court order, or otherwise require a modification of the court order, the agency primarily responsible for providing services to the child shall request a revision of the court's order. [Ref. s. 48.38(5)(f), Stats.]

*Service on the legal custodian is not required by statute, but is currently listed on the Permanency Plan Hearing Order, JD-1791, and it is anticipated that it will be required by Ch. HFS 44, Adm. Code.

CENTRAL OFFICE CONTACT:  Mark Mitchell, Manager
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Review of the Permanency Plan  (PDF, 9 kb) 

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