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            March 16, 2005

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Kitty Kocol

Document Summary

This memo announces the existence of a revised "Title IV-E Eligibility and Reimbursability Policy Manual’ for children and juveniles placed in out-of-home care. The documents are not attached but can be found on the Department’s website at the citation noted.


 The Division has updated the Title IV-E Eligibility and Reimbursability Policy Manual to be used in the determination of IV-E eligibility and reimbursability of children placed in out-of-home care. This policy manual is to be used effective immediately and earlier versions of the policy manual should be discarded.

Title IV-E Policy Manual

The Title IV-E Eligibility and Reimbursability Policy Manual has been updated to address recent changes and clarification in federal Title IV-E eligibility and reimbursability policy. The policy manual applies to all children and juveniles in out-of-home care.

There are two major concepts within the IV-E program that determine whether federal participation can be claimed for a child: eligibility and reimbursability. The child must be determined IV-E eligible based on information at the time the child was removed from his/her home. Once initial eligibility is established, IV-E eligibility must be redetermined annually for the child over the duration of the out-of-home care episode.

The child must be determined IV-E reimbursable to claim federal reimbursement for the maintenance costs of the child. The reimbursability of the child is contingent on meeting procedural requirements and the child being placed with a reimbursable provider.

The new policy manual addresses the following major changes in eligibility and reimbursability:

Voluntary Placement Agreement (VPA) Clarifications:

Clarifies that if Contrary to Welfare (CTW) language is obtained within 180 days from removal, but after the VPA has expired, it is permissible to claim maintenance when the VPA is effective and resume when the CTW language is obtained (assuming all other criteria are met). The case should be eligible only during the ‘gap’ period, or the period of time in which the VPA has expired but the CTW language has not been obtained.

 Specified Relative and Legal Removal:

Revises definition of ‘home’ and identifies specified relatives. "Removal Home" is the specified relative’s and legal custodian’s home.

Reimbursable Providers Clarification:

Clarifies payments to foster parents and treatment foster parents associated with a for-profit child-placing agency are IV-E reimbursable if a public child welfare agency makes the foster care payment directly to the foster parent or treatment foster parent.

Revise consideration of SSI

Clarifies It is permissible to apply for either Title IV-E foster care maintenance payments or SSI payments without applying for both. However, this should be an informed decision made by the Title IV-E and SSI agencies, keeping in mind the best interests of the child.

Trial Home Visit Policy

Specifies the trial home visit policy for IV-E eligibility.



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