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MEMO SERIES DCFS 2005 - 01 /Action
MEMO SERIES DDES 2005 -01 /Action

   January 19, 2005


Updates Memo Series DCFS 04-09/Action
and Memo Series DDE 04-06 /Action


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Document Summary

This document provides information on the 2005 Social Services Block Grant.


This memo states the eligibility categories and standards for the 2005 Social Services Block Grant.

The eligibility categories are:

  1. Recipients of Medical Assistance.

  2. Individuals with income at 75 percent or below the state’s median income. The income eligibility standard for all Social Services Block Grant services has been revised (Attachment A) to reflect the estimated 2005 median income for Wisconsin as published in the Federal Register.

  3. For child care services, families whose gross income is equal to or less than 165 percent of poverty. Families continue to be eligible up to 200 percent of poverty after initial eligibility at 165 percent of poverty. They must also meet the W-2 asset standard and cooperate with child support determination.

To determine child care eligibility for foster and court-ordered kinship care, the income and asset amounts of the children’s natural parent(s) must be determined. Natural parents are defined as the biological or adoptive parents of the children. The natural parent(s) must meet the $2,500 asset limit, the $10,000 vehicle exemption, and must have income at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Limit (FPL).

  1. Counties shall continue to provide services funded by the Social Service Block Grant to "qualified aliens," as defined by Section 402(b) of the "Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act
ACTION SUMMARY STATEMENT: (1.)  County Departments of Social/Human
       Services must establish the following
        written policies:
       a.  a list of social services which will be
            provided by the department;
       b.  where people will be referred for
            Supportive Home Care, Family
            Planning and Specialized
            Transportation services, and how the
            counties will ensure that cost is not a
            barrier to receipt of these services;
          c.  eligibility for services (including
            assets and targeting, if such
            eligibility policies are used);
      d.  a schedule of fees to be charged for
           social services; and
      e.  procedures to follow if a client wishes
           to request a fair hearing.
     These policies must be kept on file and
      made available to the public.
(2.)  Counties will be required to report on
     services provided and actual
      expenditures on the Human Services
      Reporting System (HSRS), DMT-600
      and CFS-942 (total expenses) and
      CFS-943 (state aids, local property
      taxes, and donor match).



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WI Median Income CY 2005 (pdf 7kb)
Social Services Block Grant Information  (pdf 22 kb)


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