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       DCFS Memo Series 2004-19
       August 23, 2004

       Re:    FEDERAL TITLE I 



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Kitty Kocol

Document Summary

This memo provides direction to agencies regarding data needed to meet federal Title I reporting requirements that affect federal funds allocated to local school districts. County agencies and the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare are responsible for providing the DCFS will corrected data using the process indicated in this memo not later than September 29, 2004.


Overview of School District Reporting Requirements and Reporting Process

The federal Department of Education (DOE) provides states with annual Title 1 special education funds based in part on the number of children in foster homes at a point in time in a given year. DCFS submits an annual Title I Report to the federal DOE that is used by the Department of Public Instruction to allocate Title I funds to local school districts for meeting the educational needs of school-age children who were in out-of-home placement. Funds are allocated at approximately $1400 per child for the school districts indicated in the Title I report. This represents a significant source of funds for local schools to meet the educational needs of children who are in out-of-home care.

As part of the eWiSACWIS changes introduced with the June 26, 2004 Maintenance Release, an enhancement has been introduced to more reliably and accurately capture school district information. This included moving the school district code used for Title I from the Person Management window to the Out-of-Home Placement window and making the field required when a placement is entered into the system. However, because this data was not required previously and may not have represented the most current school district attended, the Division was not able to electronically convert existing data accurately. Given these conditions, the open cases in placement at the time of the June release were given a proxy school district code that needs to be updated in advance of the submission deadline to the state’s Department of Public Instruction in October 2004. The section below describes the correction process, state and county responsibilities in the correction process, and the timeline to implement the process.

School District Code Correction Responsibilities and Timeframes

  1. The Division will issue an EXCEL file by late August to each county and the BMCW containing the cases in which the School District Code needs to be corrected. The EXCEL file lists the cases subject to correction. The case listing includes collateral information such as site, worker and case information for each child listed in the worksheet. A second EXCEL file is included as a reference guide and lists all of the valid school districts and their respective numerical codes.
  2. The correct numerical code for the appropriate school district is to be entered into the blue highlighted column (Column J) for each child.

  3. The county agency is responsible for entering the School District Code for the current placement for each child into the EXCEL worksheet and for returning the completed EXCEL worksheet by September 29, 2004.
  4. Completed worksheets are to be submitted by the above deadline to Sara Utzig at

  5. The Division will compile the results from each of the individual counties and submit the completed list to the eWiSACWIS project for electronic data correction in the application for all identified cases by October 15, 2004.

  6. The Division will run the necessary report and submit the preliminary results of the Title I report to counties and the BMCW and to the state Department of Public Instruction by October 22, 2004.

  7. The Division will submit the final Title I report to the federal Department of Education by December 2004.


We very much appreciate your continuing efforts to use eWiSACWIS to ensure Title I resources are allocated to more effectively meet the educational needs of children who are in out-of-home care.



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