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    DCFS Memo Series 2004-02 /ACTION
January 26, 2004

             FOR CY 2003

       Supercedes DCFS Memo 2003-05



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Kitty Kocol

Document Summary

This memo includes the annual report requirements for CY 2003 services, expenditures and outcomes under the title IV-E Incentive and Promoting Safe and Stable Families programs. CY 2003 reports must be submitted to the Department by March 31, 2004.


This memo provides instructions for agencies to develop their annual reports for Title IV-E Incentive and Promoting Safe and Stable Families (PSSF) program activity in calendar year 2003. CY 2003 annual reports are due to the Department of Health and Family Services by March 31, 2004. Agencies may submit separate Title IV-E Incentive and PSSF annual reports, or a combined annual report for both programs.

The attached annual report format consists of questions specific to both the IV-E Incentive or PSSF programs. The report format is posted to the DHFS Web site ( as an attachment to this memo and can be downloaded in MSWord format for use with the CY 2003 annual report.

The Title IV-E Incentive program report format includes questions regarding compliance with the statutory requirements that (1) at least 50% of the IV-E Incentive funds must be used to prevent the need for child abuse and neglect intervention services (Ref.s.46.52(2)(a), Stats.) and (2) IV-E funds should not be used to supplant other federal, state or local funds for program activities (Ref. s. 46.52(2)(b), Stats). The IV-E Incentive program report also includes a worksheet requesting the amount of unspent funds and an explanation for underspending. Counties are expected to spend their Incentive funds in the year provided, except for funds reserved for WiSACWIS implementation. If underspending results in a carryover of funds to the following year, justification must be provided. The Incentive program plan for the following year must also be modified to specify how the carryover funds will be used.

The PSSF program report format includes questions regarding actual expenditures in each of the required PSSF program spending categories as compared to the original planned amount for CY 2003. Information about the total number of children and families served is also requested. In addition, information needs to be submitted for each program funded with PSSF monies.



Please submit your report by March 31, 2004 to both the regional office and central office addresses listed below. Reports may be submitted either in paper form or electronically.


If you submit paper copies, please send two (2) copies to DCFS Bureau of Programs and Policies and one to your Office of Strategic Finance Area Administrator. If reports are submitted electronically, any attachments should be submitted electronically, as well

Send DCFS copy to:

Bureau of Programs and Policies
Attn: Kathy Thomas
1 West Wilson Street, Room 537
P. O. Box 8916
Madison, WI 53708
Send the OSF copy to the Area Administrator in your region.


Area Administrator


Kathy Thomas
Bureau of Programs and Policies
Phone: 608-267-7181
Fax: 608-264-6750

Annual Program Information (Word)  (PDF-9 kb)
CY 2003 Annual Report (Word)  (PDF-17 kb)


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