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                DCFS Memo Series 2003 - 03
                February 11, 2003

             Re:  REVISED CH. HFS 50, ADM.
                    CODE, FACILITATING THE
                    ADOPTION OF CHILDREN WITH
                    SPECIAL NEEDS



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William R. Fiss
Acting Administrator


The Department revised Administrative Code HFS 50, Facilitating the Adoption of Children with Special Needs. The new rule became effective December 1, 2002. All actions related to the adoption of children with special care needs on or after that date must be determined pursuant to the revised rule. The rule is available on the Wisconsin State Legislature’s web site at   A paper copy of Administrative Code HFS 50 is available upon request.

The major changes in the revised rule are:

  • The definition of "child at high risk" - HFS 50.01 (4) (j);

  • Reference to placements of children brought to Wisconsin for adoption from another state under the interstate compact on the placement of children that are mandated by federal statutes and regulations - HFS 50.03 (1) (d); and

  • The Department will no longer send out an annual review to adoptive families and temporarily suspend adoption assistance for failure to return the annual review – HFS 50.06 (3).

If training is desired on the changes, please contact Dale Langer at (608) 266-3595 or Jill Duerst at (608) 266-1142.


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