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Susan N. Dreyfus

Many counties and some tribes have participated in the shifting (i.e., deobligation or reobligation) of Kinship Care funds at the end of the calendar year to help adjust Kinship Care contracts and redistribute the funds to areas where there was overspending due to increased caseloads. In response to county concerns regarding this process, we are implementing a more effective method of adjusting Kinship Care allocations.

The Department of Health and Family Services and the Department of Workforce Development have reached an agreement for reconciling TANF funding used for Kinship Care benefits. Calendar year contract amounts may now be amended between January and March of the subsequent calendar year (close-out period) provided that the total amount of Kinship Care benefit contracts is unchanged after December 31 of that calendar year. Kinship Care allocation adjustments after the contract period can only be made for cases where funds were actually expended.

We are implementing immediately the extended adjustment period using the limited amount of remaining 2001 Kinship Care benefit funds. We will use the remaining funds from county underspending to reimburse counties who during the contract period exhausted their Kinship Care allocation but continued to pay Kinship Care cases using other county funds. This means that counties may be reimbursed only for county funded cases and not wait list cases. We are able to amend 2001 contracts through
March 2002.

To receive reimbursement for county funded cases, forward the following information to Paula Brown:

  • The name and date of birth of each child who received county funds in 2001.

  • The months each child received county funds and the total dollar amount paid for each child.

  • The total dollar amount of funds expended in 2001 for all county funded cases.

  • The request for additional funds and the amount needed must be provided to the Division by March 15, 2002.

If you have any questions about this procedure or need to make any further contract adjustments for the preceding calendar year, please contact Paula Brown.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Area Administrator


Paula Brown
Independent Living and Kinship Care Coordinator
(608) 267-7287
Fax: (608) 264-6750


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