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       DCFS Memo Series 2002 - 03
        February 14, 2002

            (FORM CFS-40) INSTRUCTIONS



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Susan N. Dreyfus

Document Summary

This memo describes changes to the CFS-40 (Child Abuse and Neglect Data) instruction booklet and reporting form due to changes in federal reporting requirements, the addition of new codes and lack of clarity provided by the directions.

This is to notify you that the investigation report instructions for completion of the CFS-40 form have been revised. These revisions reflect updates to state and federal reporting requirements, and to provide greater clarity to the current instructions for completing the CFS-40 form. The most significant changes relate to the addition of a maltreatment code identifying Unborn Child Abuse, updated data collection regarding client ethnicity, and to provide more specific and detailed direction related to the coding and reporting of data on the form.

A CFS-40 form is to be submitted to the Division of Supportive Living/AO-IS Unit for every alleged child abuse and neglect report received by a county agency within 10 working days of completion of the investigation assessment. Investigations are to be completed within 60 days from the agency’s receipt of the report. Completion of the CFS-40 form fulfills the requirement at s. 48.981(3)(c) 8., Stats., that a county department provide the Department with information about each child protective service report it receives.

Attached is a copy of the new report form and the accompanying instructional booklet. The instructions include an addendum of questions, answers and case examples related to the coding of mutual sexual activity and the identification of a specific person as a maltreater.

For those counties using WiSACWIS to document case records, this information is not pertinent as the automated system captures and reports the information.

We hope that the new instructions will aid you in completing the CFS-40 form. Your staff should use the new instructions, examples and information on the back of the CFS-40 form to assure accurate documentation. It is important that supervisors carefully review each CFS-40 form before signing it. Please assure that all staff who need this booklet have access to one. Directions for ordering additional booklets can be found on the first page of the instructional booklet.

Also, please discard any old CFS-40 report forms and instruction booklets your agency currently has and replace them with the revised report form and instructions. New report forms and instruction booklets can be obtained by completing a DMT-25 FORMS/PUBLICATIONS REQUISITION. Make sure to indicate

CFS-40 for the report form and CFS-40I for the instruction booklet. If you have placed an order on a DMT-25 for the CFS-40I (Investigation Report Instructions), please place a new order after reviewing this memo as previous orders for the report instructions will not be filled.

Effective 03/01/02, agencies shall be using the revised CFS-40 report form and instructions.

This memo replaces prior direction given by this Department contained in DCS 96-05, in memos regarding Errors in 1998 CFS-40 Forms from March, June and November of 1999 and incorporates all information and changes from DCFS


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Amy Smith
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P.O. Box 8916
Madison, WI 53708-8916
Phone: (608) 267-7732

Form CFS -40 (pdf-33 kb )
CFS-40I - Instructions (pdf-141 kb)


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