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July 3, 2000



To: Area Administrators/Assistant Area Administrators
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From Susan N. Dreyfus


 Submit letter of interest in participating in the Centralized IV-E Eligibility Determination Unit by July 17, 2000

In June, 1999, the Department of Health and Family Services surveyed counties (See Memo Series DCFS 99-10 ACTION) to determine the level of interest in a centralized IV-E eligibility unit. The intent of the unit would be to ensure that the increased federal receipts generated by the Department’s Income Augmentation project are continued into the future. A centralized unit would be established, at no cost to the counties, to assure consistent IV-E determination decisions by utilizing full time specialized staff and a comprehensive quality assurance program. Based on the positive response to the survey, the Department incorporated the centralized eligibility unit in its Request for Proposals seeking a contractor for the next phase of the Income Augmentation Project. A contractor (Maximus) has been selected and the Department would like to move forward with the planning and implementation of the centralized unit.

The first step was a presentation to the WCHSA Executive Board on the benefits of the centralized unit and a basic description of how the unit would work with individual counties. Based on the positive response from the Board, we are now asking that if you are interested in participating in the centralized unit that you submit a letter of interest to William Fiss by
July 17, 2000.

Our intent is to select 10-15 counties, depending on the total caseload involved, as the initial participants in the centralized unit. Eventually, the unit would serve all counties that wish to participate. This is a voluntary effort which is intended to maintain the IV-E Incentive Fund which has distributed approximately $19 m to counties over the past three years.

The Department will select the initial group of counties based on size of caseload and a mix of counties (size and location). We will involve these counties directly in our planning efforts with Maximus to establish the process and procedures used by the unit. Our goal is to select the initial counties and have an introductory meeting during August, 2000.

Under a centralized eligibility determination process, the function provided by the new unit is the act of making the determination decision. The county would still be responsible for collecting and submitting the required eligibility information and performing any necessary follow-up when additional information is needed. As a result, to be successful, the process must truly be a collaborative state/county effort. 

Regional Office Contact: Area Administrator
Central Office Contact: William R. Fiss
Deputy Administrator
1 W. Wilson St., P. O. Box 8916
Madison, WI 53708-8916
(608) 266-3728

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